Exodus Congregation is one of the Regional Fellowship areas outside of Melpa Lutheran Church in Papua New Guinea Head Quarter in Mount Hagen. Exodus Congregation in Port Moresby, the Capital City of Papua New Guinea. It started within a family with few individuals with the strength and Power of the Holi Spirit. It has expanded over a period of ten years and now it has 6 House Prayers at certain suburbs in Port Moresby

  • Jesus Heals Ten Men

    As Jesus made his way to Jerusalem, he went along the border between Samaria and Galilee. He was going into a village when he was met by ten men suffering from a dreaded skin disease. They stood at a distance. and shouted, "Jesus! Master! have pity on us!"

  • 2020 Easther Bible Camp

    Exodus Congregation Annual Easther Camp was held at the Six Mile House Prayer fron the 9th of April to 12th of April 2020

  • 2021 Easther Bible Camp for Exodus Congregation

    The Next annual easter bible camp for Exodus Congregation will be hosted by Bushwara House Prayer in 2021. We will meet again in 2021 to celebrate the death and resurrection of our LORD and Saviour Jesus Christ

  • Jesus is Crucified

    The Gospel of Luke 23:33-43 talks about the events took place prior to his final death. Jesus was crucified at the place they called 'The Skull', with two criminals. One on his right and the other on his left. Jesus said, "Forgive them, Father! They don't know what they are doing."

  • MLSGA-Southern Region Progressive Report

    MLSGA- Souther Region Progressive Report for 2017 to 2019 has been finalised and reported in 2019 at the MLSGA 2019 Bi-annual convention.


This Sunday's bible discussion is part of the Mission of the twelve disciples of Jesus Christ. In our last week's discussion we looked at WHOM TO FEAR while on the Mission. This was to strengthen his disciples and to comfort them with hope and strength so that they fear no one but God alone.

For this Sunday, we look at what rewards are expected upon the completion of the Mission. It is based on Matthew 10:40-42 and it talks about Rewards which is what Jesus told his disciples:

  • "Whoever welcomes you welcomes me; and whoever welcomes me welcomes the one who sent me. (Matt 10:40)
  • Whoever welcomes God's messenger because he is God's messenger, will share in his reward. And whoever welcomes a good man because he is good, will share in his reward. (Matt 10:41)
  • You can be sure that whoever give even a drink of cold water to one of the least of these my followers because he is my follower, will certainly receive a reward." (Matt 10:42)

The key words spoken by Jesus here are Welcome and Reward. Jesus sent his disciples on a mission to meet people and preach the gospel, whoever welcome them will welcome Jesus.
What does welcome in this context means is that whoever receives the word of God and believe in the word of God welcomes Christ.  Whoever welcomes a Pastor or a servant of God in his home to hear the word of God welcomes Jesus Christ.

Jesus told his disciples that there will be reward for the mission and whoever  that welcomes or support the mission will also have a share in the reward. For us to have a share in the reward of the mission is to give a helping hand in both cash and kind to support ministry/church of Christ so that more people believe in the word of God and follow Jesus. When the followers of Jesus Christ receive the rewards for the work they have done, you will have a share in the reward too.

What is the Reward that Jesus was referring to? Jesus was referring to the rewards that you will get upon the completion of the Mission is the Eternal Life. The Life with its fullness. Eternal life in its fullness which is prepared for you in Heaven by Jesus. Once your mission on earth is done then you will receive your reward in Heaven.

Therefore, we continue to serve our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, believe in him, Support in cash or kind to the Ministry/Church and believe in the Word of God will show that we welcome Jesus in our lives and so the reward of Eternal Life as promised by Jesus will be given to you and you will be with Jesus for ever in Heaven.

Photo by Exodus Youth


Coming Persecutions and Whom to Fear

Hello and greetings to you all in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.
Today we will discuss about the word of God according to the gospel of Matthew 10: 24-39.  In this scripture, it talks about the coming persecutions and whom to fear during the persecutions.
This is a continuation of last week's bible discussion as Jesus was sending his twelve disciples on a mission. To strengthen them while on their mission, he showed them the dangers and the challenges that they will endure during their mission.

The following are few key points picked for our discussions today.

Jesus told his disciples that:
  • "Do not be afraid of people. Whatever I am telling you in the dark you must repeat in broad daylight, and whatever you have heard in private you must announce from the housetops. Do not be afraid of those who will kill the body but will not kill the soul; rather be afraid of God, who will destroy both body and soul." (Matt 10:26-28)
  • "Those who declare publicly that they belong to me , I will do the same for them before my Father in heaven." (Matt 10:32-33)
  • "Do not think that I have come to bring peace to the world. No, I did not come to bring peace, but a sword. I came to set sons against their fathers, daughters against their mothers. Your worst enemies will be the members of your own family." (Matthew 10:34-36)
  • "Those who love their father or mother more than me are not fit to be my disciples. Those who love their sons or daughters more than me are not fit to be my disciples." (Matthew 10:37)
  • "Those who do not take up their cross and follow in my steps are not fit to be my disciples." (Matthew 10:38)
  • "Those who try to gain their own life will lose it, but those who lose their life for my sake will gain it"(Matthew 10:39)

Bible Discussions

Jesus told his disciples while sending them on a mission by encouraging them and strengthening them of the dangers of persecutions to be endured in preaching the Good News.

Jesus already knew that there were persecutions and challenges ahead of them in spreading the Good News to all nations. So he told them, do not be afraid of people. Do not be afraid of being killed. Do not be afraid of losing your life for you will gain it if you lose in his sake while on the mission of preaching and spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Jesus also knew that they might be worried about leaving their family members behind to go on a mission so he told them that do not love their family more than they love him.

He told them to carry their cross and follow in his steps.
When we look at carrying a cross, it talks about the pain and troubles in life one must endure to follow Jesus.

So in our lives, if we choose to follow Jesus and and want to be his disciples, we have to face the challenges and troubles in life and never give up. Do not be afraid or ashamed of preaching the gospel. Do not be afraid of people threatening you while in a mission to preach the gospel. Do not be afraid of thieves when on a mission to preach the gospel. 

Always put more efforts and commit more resources in the preaching and spreading and maintaining the Gospel of Jesus Christ here on earth. We know that being Christ's disciple is not an easy task and has no ending so we keep endure all of them and  declare publicly that we belong to Jesus and continue to serve him and Jesus will declare that we belong to him before his Father in Heaven and we live with him forever.



The Mission of the Twelve (Disciples)

Dear fellow Christians, Greetings to you in the Name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Today's bible discussions is based on the Gospel of Matthew chapter 9 verses 35 to Chapter 10 verses 1 to 8. In this Gospel it talks about the Jesus had pity for the people and the authorisation of disciples for a mission.

When Jesus was preaching the Good News of the Kingdom and healing people, his heart was filled with pity when he saw the crowd were worried and helpless like sheep without shepherd.(Matt 9:35-36).
Jesus said to his disciples, "the harvest is large but there are few workers to gather it in. Pray to the owner of the harvest that he will send out workers to gather in his harvest." (Matt 9:37-38)

Then Jesus called his disciples and gave them the authority to drive out evil spirits and to heal every disease and every sickness. (Matt 10:1).

Jesus then sent them on a mission with the following instructions:
  • Do not go to any Gentile territory or any Samaritan towns. Instead go to the lost sheep of the people of Israel. 
  • Go and preach 'The Kingdom of Heaven is near!' Heal the sick, bring the dead back to life, heal those who suffer from dreaded skin diseases and drive out demons.
  • You have received without paying, so give without being paid. (Matt 10:5-8)
Bible Discussion

Before we proceed with our discussions, we define  Mission in simple terms.
Mission in oxford english dictionary is defined as:  - an important assignment, typically involving travel abroad.

In this case, mission means Jesus sent out his disciples to do all the authorised tasks which are mentioned above. Jesus authorised his disciples and sent them on a mission to preach the Good News about the Kingdom is near. Heal the sick people and bring the dead people to life. Bring back the lost sheep of the people of Israel. This is a mission that the disciples were bound complete.

Jesus also said, the harvest is large but there are not enough workers to gather it in so pray to the owner of the harvest that he may send workers to gather the harvest. 
Here Jesus already saw that there were plenty of people to be converted/repent to Christian and belief in Jesus and only a handful knew and follow Jesus.

As christians of today, we have a mission to be accomplished in our lives, That is to preach the Good News of Jesus Christ to all people, reach out and find the lost sheeps who are dead in spirit and bring them back to life in their spirit. We must pray to God to help us gather people and teach them and show them the Good News of Jesus Christ and we continue to increase and maintain the number of believers in Jesus Christ and we keep on worshipping our Lord and Saviour.

When our life on earth is over, then our work on earth is done and because of His Grace we will be saved in his Kingdom.



Jesus Appears to His Disciples in Galilee

Greetings to you all in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.
Today's bible discussion is based on the Gospel according to Matthew Chapter 28 verses 16 to 20.
In this scripture it talks about Jesus appearing to his disciples in Galilee. In fact Jesus told them to go to hill in  Galilee where he appeared to them.

They worshipped him when they saw him even though some of them doubted.
Jesus said to them, "I have been given all the authority in Heaven and on earth. Go, then, to all the peoples everywhere to make them my disciples; baptize them in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, and teach them to obey everything I have commanded you. And I will be with you always, to the end of the age."


 From the above scripture what is your take out message?
We can see that Jesus gave the authority to his disciples to preach the gospel to the people everywhere in the world and to make them become disciples of Jesus. He further authorised them to teach them everything that he commanded them. Jesus also assured them that he will be with them always to the end of the age.

Each one of us need to ask this question.
Am I a disciple of Jesus Christ? before we answer the question. We define the word disciple.

In the oxford english dictionary the word disciple is defined as follows:

Disciple - a personal follower of Christ during his life, especially one of the twelve Apostles.

Now, one of the key words in the definition of disciple is Follower of Christ.  So we can define ourselves that, if we follow Jesus Christ by Obeying and following his teahcings that are captured in the Holy Bible then we are no doubt the disciples of Jesus Christ.

Who authorised us to be Christ's disciples? Remember that Jesus authorised the 11 disciples to make all peoples disciples everywhere and that authority was given to the disciples and the disciples then authorised other converted Christians and the trend continued until today's age. You are one of the disciples who was/were being authorised by your church to be the disciple(s) of Jesus.

Some of Christ's teachings were picked up from your parents/quidians then you got into Church to be  Christ follower.  This has continued from generations to generations and we now know Christ's teachings through the disciples and of course the Holy Bible.

In this age, we are duty bound to preach the Gospel to the unreached and make them know Jesus and follow his commands. We are duty bound to support ministries in our church so that the Gospel must be preached to the unreached or to the people who have gone astray from the presence of the Lord and we have a duty to bring them back to church so that they born again in spirit.

We also have a duty to teach our younger ones and make them become Christ's disciples and the trend of following Jesus Christ must exist and continue to the end of the age as Jesus promised.

Remember, in whatever we do to preach or to support the Gospel, Jesus is with us forever and He will quid us and protect us and will make things possible for us to reach out to the unreached and the younger ones so that the fire of Gospel keep burning in His Church until the end of the age.

The Grace of the Lord Jesus Christ
The Love of God  and
The Fellowship of the Holy Spirit
be with you all. (2 Corinthians 13:13)



Today's discussion is based on John 20:19-23. In this scripture it talks about Jesus meeting his disciples on Sunday evening after the crucifiction of Jesus.

Jesus' disciples were gathered together behind locked doors at Sunday evening as they were afraid of the Jewish authorities.
Jesus came stood among them and said, "Peace be with you" and he showed them his hands and his side.
The disciples were filled with joy at seeing the Lord.
Jesus said. "Peace be with you" again and said , as the Father sent me, so I send you. Then he breathed on them and said, "Receive the Holy Spirit". If you forgive people's sins, they are forgiven, if you do not forgive them, they are not forgiven.

Discussion points.

From the scripture reading, it indicates that the disciples of Jesus were living with fear but Jesus appeared to them and comforted them and even strengthened them by saying that Peace be with you.

The Disciples were filled with joy when seeing the Lord. This gave them some hope in their minds.
Then Jesus, said, The Father sent me so I send you. Here Jesus knew that the disciples were in fear but when seeing Jesus after the death, they have that  work  to do which is to be the witness and reach out to people about the Good News of resurrection of Jesus Christ to the whole world.

To further strengthen them, He breathed on them and said receive the Holy Spirit. It was the work of the Holy Spirit that help the people to understand and believe in the Good News and follow Jesus.

Jesus also said to them that, Forgive the people's sins and it will be forgiven, if you do not forgive then it will not be forgiven. These were the tasks given to the disciples among other things.

In our daily lives we also have the task of spreading and maintaining the Good News of Jesus Christ. In order to do that it is not by our strength and goodness but it is the Holy Spirit that will make things possible for us to reach the unreached in the Gospels of Jesus Christ.

In doing so we also forgive those who sin against us and our Father in Heaven will also forgive our sins and we must always be at peace.

Photo credits: Exodus Youth



The scripture reading for today is taken from the Gospel of John chapter 17 verses 1 to 26. This is a prayer that was said before the arrest of Jesus by the Roman Soldiers.  We will only discuss part of the prayer from verses 1 to 11 with the summary of the prayer is in the bullet points below.

  • Jesus looked up to Heaven and said, " Father, the hour has come. Give glory to your Son, so that Son may give glory to you. For you gave him authority over all people, so that he might give eternal life to those you gave him. And eternal life means to know you, the only true God, and to know Jesus Christ, whom you sent.
  • "I have shown your glory on earth, I have finished the work you gave me to do. Father! give me glory in your presence now, the same glory I had with you before the world was made.
  • "I have made you known to those you gave me out of the world. They belonged to you, and you gave them to me. They obeyed your word, and now they know that everything you gave me comes from you. I gave them the message that you gave me, and they received it; They know that it is true that I came from you and they believe that you sent me.
  • " I pray for them. I do not pray for the world but for those you gave me, for they belong to you. All I have is yours, and all you have is mine; and my glory is shown through them.
  • "Holy father keep them safe by the power of your name, the name you gave me, so that they may be one just as you and I are one."
  •  Jesus knew that the hour of his arrest was near and he prayed for his disciples before he was taken away. He knew that after his arrest, he will have no time to pray for them and preach to the people but his glory will be revealed.
  •  And also Jesus knew that all the work he was supposed to do were all done and he prayed to God for the glory of God to be revealed in him.
  • He prayed to his Father to keep the disciples safe. He said, "I do not pray for the world but for the people whom God gave  them to me". He knew that his glory will be shown through them.
Of course we belong to this world but it is by the Grace of the Lord that he chose us to be his disciples and so this prayer is for all christians too.
  •  Now, how can we reveal God's glory in us to the world? 
  • What is the task that Jesus assigned to us to be completed and when is it expected to be completed?
  • What reward we will get when we complete all the work that is given to us.
To answer the above questions it depends on individual opinion based on the scriptures in the Holy Bible. But for the purpose of our discussion today we could conclude that :
  • By believing in the word of God and obey his commandments and continue to have fellowship with him will reveal Christ's glory in us. And we will be seen as God's children. 
  • We have the task of spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ to friends and love ones who do not believe in the word of God. Continue to pray and worship him and support churches and Gospel ministries to reach out to the people to gather lost sheeps. Preaching the gospel and spreading  Good News of Jesus Christ to reach the unreached people is the task we have at hand which we must never give up.
  • When the life on earth is over, then all our work on earth is done, God will reveal his glory in us and give us peace and reward us with the Eternal life.


The Promise of the Holy Spirit

Today's Bible Discussion scripture is take from the Gospel of John 14:15-21.

Jesus Promised his disciples that he will send Holy Spirit to them as their helper. (John 14:15-21). What Jesus said is summarised here:

  • "If you love me, you will obey my commandments.
  • I will ask the Father, and he will give you another Helper, who will stay with you forever. He is the Spirit, who reveals the truth about God. He remains with you and is in you.
  • When I go, you will not be left all alone, I will come back to you. Because I live, you also will live.
  • When that day comes, you will know that I am in my Father and that you are in me, just as I am in you. (John 14:20)
  • Those who accept my commandments and obey them are the ones who love me. My Father will love those who love me. I too will love them and reveal myself to them." (John 14:21)
Bible Discussion.
  • How and when did we receive the Holy Spirit which Jesus has promised his disciples? We understand that the disciples received the Holy Spirit during the Pentecost. In our case, we received the Holy Spirit during the the baptism and the Holy Spirit lives in us forever. It is the Holy Spirit that teaches us to do what is right in the eyes of God.
  • How can we love Jesus? We know how to love our children, siblings and relatives but how can we relate that love to love Jesus? The best response we can have in mind is already explained by Jesus in John 14:21. He said, "Those who accept my commandments and obey them are those who love me. My Father will love those who love me, I too will love them and reveal myself to them ". So now we must understand that, if we accept God's commandments and obey them then it shows that we love Jesus. 
  • What happens when we love Jesus and as a result, God loves us and Jesus too loves us? Jesus said that because he live, we will also live if we love him. and so we know the Jesus is in his Father and we are in Jesus just as Jesus is in us. (John 14:20).
Therefore, in order to show our love to Jesus and all other good things that Jesus taught his disciples will happen in our lives is that, we need to accept God's commandments and obey them faithfully and God will love us and Jesus and His Father will live in us. And because he lives, we will also live forever with Jesus.



Jesus the Way to the Father

The Bible discussion for today is taken from the Gospel of John 14:1-14.

Jesus the way to the Father is the key phrase for this Sunday's sermon throughout Papua New Guinea for Lutheran Churches. In this scripture Jesus interacted with his disciples and told them few words and his disciples asked him and he answered with explanations that would help his disciples understand well.

  • Jesus told them, "Believe in God and believe also in me. there are many rooms in my Father's house, I am going to prepare a place for you. I will come back and take you to myself, so that you will be where I am." (John 14:1-3)
  • Thomas said to him, "Lord, we do not know where you are going, so how can we know where you are going?"
  • Jesus answered him, "I am the way, the truth, and the life; no one goes to the Father except by me." (John 14:6)
  • Philip said to Jesus,"Lord, show us the Father, that is all we need."(John 14:8)
  • Jesus answered, "do you not believe, Philip, that i am in the Father and the Father is in me?" (John 14:10)
  • Jesus further said to them that, I am telling you the truth: those who believe in me will do what I do - yes, they will even do greater things, because I am going to the Father. And I will do whatever you ask for in my name, so that the Father's glory will be shown through the Son. If you ask me for anything in my name, I will do it. (John 14:12-14)
There are many points which anyone can figure out in this scripture which you can add in comments. Here are few take outs from this scripture.
  • Jesus told his disciples that he was going to go to his Father to prepare for a place for them. . Jesus told them that he will come back to take them to the place where he is. This message is also for us at this time too.  There are few questions we can ask for self assessment of our lives while living on Earth. Are we prepared to meet Jesus and go with him when he comes back in the clouds of Glory? What shall we do to be prepared? 
  • Jesus also told his disciples that : He is the WAY, the TRUTH and the LIFE, no one goes to the Father except by him. So how can we go through Jesus to the Father?
  • Jesus actually explained to clarify the doubts in his disciples' mind which are in the Gospel of John 14:13-14 . Jesus said to them, Those who believe in me will do what I do, and they will do even greater things. I will do what ever you ask in my name, so that the Father's glory will be shown through the Son.
So we go through Jesus by hearing the word of God, believe in the word of God, obey God's commandments and do all the good things that Jesus taught us to do which are captured in various scriptures in the Holy Bible. We repent everyday and pray to God to forgive our sins in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and by the Grace of God he will forgive use and cleanse us with the Holy Blood of Jesus Christ and make us to be his children and ready to meet Jesus Christ when he comes back in the clouds of Glory as King to take us to where he is.

May the Peace of the Lord be with you!


Please feel free to comment, share and continue to spread the gospel.


2021 Easter Bible Camp for Exodus Congregation

Following the successful hosting and completion of the Exodus Congregation's Annual Easter Bible for 2020 at Six Mile House Prayer from the 9th to 12th of April 2020, the host House Prayer handed over the responsibility of hosting the next Annual Easter Camp for the congregation to Bushwara House Prayer.

It is anticipated that the next annual easter bible camp will be hosted in Bushwara in 2021. We will meet again in 2021 to celebrate the death and resurrection of our LORD and Saviour Jesus Christ if he grant us peace and continue to allow us through his loving kindness and grace.
2020 Easter Bible Camp at 6 Mile - Port Moresby

Bushwara House Prayer Location Map(google maps)


Website Re-development Complete

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Exodus Congregation Annual Easter Camp Commennced on the 9th to 12th April 2020

Exodus Congregation commenced its annual Easter Bible Camp for 2020 at Six Mile Haus Prea and is expected to end on Sunday 12th April 2020.
Despite the National State of Emergency the Congregation members commenced the event as planed. By the Grace of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, we were saved and will be save.

The Theme of the Easter Camp as it reads in pidgin:

Long Marimari Bilong God Tasol

God is Marimari long mi na mekim mi kamap man olsem nau mi stap, long marimari bilong God yet em I givim mi strong long mekim wok bilong em. (1 Korin 15:10)

Easter Banner - 2020, Photo courtesy of Exodus Youths


Exodus Congregation Easter Bible Camp : 9th - 12th April 2020

This is a public announcement to all the Melpa Lutheran Christian brothers and Sisters living within Port Moresby and Southern Region.

Our 2020 Easter Bible Camp will commence on Thursday 9th of April 2020 and ends on Sunday the 12th of April 2020.

You are free to invite any lost sheep to come along to have fellowship together.

If any christian friends who would like to join then you are welcome.

Others who are outside of Port Moresby but would like to spend your holiday with us at the Bible camp then you are most welcome.

The Theme for the Easter Bible Camp is taken from 1 Corinthians 15:10

THEME: But by the grace of God I am what I am, and His grace to me has not been in vein. in fact, I worked harder than all of them - yet not I , but the grace of God with Me.

Date: 9th - 12th April 2020
Venue: Six Mile House Prayer

Program will be distributed or announced during the opening of the Easter Camp.

You are all welcome in the name of our Lord and Saviour , Jesus Christ.

Direction Map
Easter Camp Preparation


MLSGA -Southern Region Progresive Report 2017-2019

Melpa Lutheran Students And Graduates Association-Southern Region 2017 to 2019 Progressive Report. 

As executives of Melpa Lutheran Students and Graduates of Southern Region, would dearly like to thank our Heavenly Father for his unconditional love, care, mercy up our lives as members of this important group. Though we forsake and commit sins but our Good Lord, God Almighty he never forsakes us but instead leads, protects, guides and even gives us strength to lead this vital association through thick and thin. We would also like to thank our recently appointed and anointed Bishop for Melpa Lutheran Church of PNG, Rev Stanley Mukate, three acting bishops of each ecclesia and the pastors, laymen and Christian friends, Pastor and members of Exodus congregation, class elites and the students who are currently working and studying at various sectors and intuitions in Port Moresby and the nation at large for being us in faith and prayer all along in this Christian journey. We wish you all a wonderful merry Christmas and a happy prosperous new year, 2020. 


 The MLSGA_Southern Region is the sub set of MLSGA in Papua New Guinea based in National Capital District, Port Moresby. The primary focus and mission of its existence is to gather and unite scattered souls especially students, graduates and other elites whom we share the common Christian faith under Melpa Lutheran Church of Papua New Guinea. MLSGA_ Southern Region comprises of six provinces namely NCD, Western, Gulf, Central, Millen-bay and Oro. Our first priority or target is to coordinate with the members of the MLSGA_Sothern Region in NCD alone, since most of the members are residing there; our focus is to get them to know more about the purpose, objectives and mission of this association. One of the biggest challenges that is hindering us effectively assemble or congregate them for us carry out some relevant planned activities towards achieving the indented objectives and mission of this association is the work and study commitments and the location or residences in which each members live and work. 

Regardless of above challenge one of key area the executives have been focusing on is building communication link and channel with the members of the association. Handful of schools we’ve tried to established communication network to begin with are University of Papua New Guinea (UPNG), Institute of Business Studies (IBS), International training institute (ITI), Don Bosco Tec, Port Moresby Tec college, Port Moresby Business College and etc…as the executives we are committed to work with the elites and the students so that together we can make a difference. 

Exodus Congregation is playing a pivotal part in creating a platform whereby we are able to meet and get to know each other and we thanked GOD for making that possible. Through Exodus Congregation in Port Moresby, we hope that we will make good progress as move on
from time to time. Moreover, the Exodus Congregation operates under the centralized system which we also part of that system. Anything to do with MLSGA SR it has to go through the Exodus Congregation executives before us as we work hand in hand with its executives, members, youth and Sunday school. 

 Background Information 

Melpa Lutheran Students and Graduate Association is a church organized association comprises of students, graduates, school leavers, business and working class people. It was an initiative taken by some of our pioneer students, graduates and elites with an aim to unite fellow students and Working class alike. It’s a unique platform being created by our very own elites. Perhaps to bind us together as the flesh of Christ Jesus so that we could hold on to our Christian values, principles and most of all our faith in Lord, Jesus Christ in the midst of this challenging and ever changing modern PNG society. 

Despite of circumstances and challenges our senior elites have to endure, they eventually managed to organize and form it with the help of our Good Lord, Almighty God. The association was officially recognized and launched in 2009. It was thereafter blessed by Late Bishop Rt. Reverend Sanagke Dole for the members to commence its envisioned program activities.  

After the formation and launching of the association, it was left to sleep as some of its intended program activities were partly carried out. But some elites took the initiative to revive it again especially in Western Highlands Province. That was made possible through the help of our good Lord with the persistent prayers of our Christians members of MLCPNG. On January 2015, the first retreat program was held at Kamdika Congregation and the attendance was not that good, but the main aim of the retreat program was to awake Melpa Lutheran Students and Graduates Association. The main agenda discussed during the retreat was to send a signal to every members so that we would have the sense of responsibility to respond and focus onto to the highest calling from GOD in the midst of busyness in life.  

The MLSGA Southern Region (MLSGA SR) was part of the discussion amongst other participants from certain provinces including Madang, Goroka, Lae and Kimbe that have attended the retreat program help in Kamdka. However MLSGA Southern Region slowly took its part way up by uniting all the school students and Graduates in Port Moresby with the help of Exodus Congregation with God.  

The association appointed its executives in 2018 and they are, Desmond Kipa as coordinator, Issac Thomas as Vice Coordinator, Milrose Kipa as Treasurer and Junior Tei Noki as secretary to lead the members of association of six provinces as mentioned above. Though we haven’t make
sufficient in terms of fully implementing scheduled activities that we scheduled the association have been having but pray and hope that our good lord will continue to lead us through his divine wisdom and guidance as we move on.  

Due to the locations of the schools and place of residences in NCD and four other provinces the executives of the MLSGA Southern Region have been doing their best to unite their members to at least accomplish the vision of MLSGA towards “Empowering Melpa Lutheran Students and Graduates with God’s Word In Unity” and also accomplishing the mission through “Organizing and Coordinating of its targeted members of Melpa Lutheran Church.  

Given the goal and the mission of the association the executives designed another new association profile to manage the affairs of the association and its members within the southern region therefore we believe in GOD we think and have positive mind that he’ll help us in one way or the other to unite all the members in such big city like Port Moresby. 


 a. Mission Statement 
This Regional Office-(Sub-Association) is being established with a mission to organize and coordinate the students, graduates and working class people of Melpa Lutheran Church in southern Region with God’s Word. It reports its progress to the countrywide coordinator who thereby further reports directly to bishop at the MLCPNG Head Office either on monthly, quarterly or annually basis.
b. Objectives
 Is to encourage, motivate, aspire and strengthens students, graduates and working class individuals within Southern Region and countrywide to actively contribute towards the Gospel Ministry of our Lord, Jesus Christ. 

c. Major projects carried out at the congregation level
Successfully completion of Exodus congregation Bio Data 
Exodus congregation executives agreed to carry out a major bio data project and then the task was delegated to MLSGA Southern region so the executive of MLSGA southern managed to spearhead that.
The project took almost three (3) months and was completed in 2018. The bio data was not updated in 2019 but we’ll continue to update the date base on annually basis to keep track on people movements in and out of the province and region alike.  

● Benefits of the projects 
 ✓ It identifies where the congregation member reside and do student or work
 ✓ It makes communication network easy and convenient for us to get in touch
✓ It is easy for us to locate the members and to have fellowship with them

Delivering of  500 mosquito nets during Easter through partnering with the NGOs like Rotary against malaria 
● Benefits of the projects  
✓ It protected our members from getting sickness like malaria because the location where 2019 Easter to be held,  Tete settlement (Gerehu), in Port Moresby was found have to have high rate of malaria cases as reported by health department. 
✓ It helped the surrounding community.
 The project was the initiatives of the Like-minded elites of southern region therefore we would like to thank;  

➢ Biangke Tah 
➢ Junior Noki 
 ➢ Emmanuel Wara 

Most importantly we thank the National Department of Health (NDoH) and Rotary against Malaria for successfully partnering with us to reach people who were in need of such health service during that time.  

❖ Designing of congregation web site

 The website design was an initiative of MLSGA southern, actual work was done but the author of the web was not confirmed so it’s still in discussions of the MLSGA southern once approved the author will make known via social media and print media so that we can access the information. 

The web will become as a storage and e-library for exodus congregation and MLSGA Southern and it will be easy for members to access the information from where ever they may be. 

Partnering with the exodus congregation 

According to the Exodus congregation bio data 95 percent of the population is made up of  educated elites therefore as the sub association, we are working together with the congregation to reach out to the elites for them to fully participate in congregation organized activities in carrying out the work mission. 


According to the development of the report we’ve discussed couple of points that will further discussed in detail which perhaps will help you to understand the conceptual model and the analysis made on the report.

❖ Successfully completion of Exodus congregation Bio Data The methods used to collect basic data for the Christian members is shown in figure 1.1
Figure 1.1 Basic data Collection Form For Exodus-MLC

 The small form contains all the information of individual congregation member

Process of collecting data 

a) First the form was issues
b) Individual’s congregation members filled in the forms
c) The forms returned to the executives 
d) The name was confirmed and 
e) Then entered the names into excel data base

Delivering  500 mosquito nets to exodus congregation during Easter through partnering with the NGOs like Rotary against Malaria 
The main aim of the project was to help people through partnering with such NGOs to deliver needed services to the people. In-order to achieve such, our elites took initiative to write letter to Rotary against Malaria and they directed us to inform Health Department so we took another strategy to address that issue to the health department and they responded positively to us through officer Biangke Tah one of our elites by supplying us 10 bales, each bale contained 50 nets which adds up to 500 nets in total.

The distribution was done in Tete Settlement where the Easter camp for 2019 was held.
Later a final report was submitted back to the donor for checks and verification purposes.

❖ Designing of congregation web site 
Our main motive of creating website is to Motivate and inspire our elites with the word of God, through such channel since most of our church members they don’t attend church due to work commitments or duty travel therefore we’ve design that web for them to access the sermon or necessary information after they completed their task, in that way we left no-one behind.

The design is still in progress and yet to appoint an author, once the design is complete and the author is approved by the executives, we will inform the MLSGA executives based in Hagen for the protocol purposes.


As the sub association existing in southern region most of the coordination work were not completed due to certain factors and challenges but we believe that our good lord will continue to guide us to continue this great commission. Thus we’ve outlined some of the major projects that we accomplished, we are yet to do more but belief our GOD will continue to protect us and guide us. We are also sincerely apologizing to the members and the hardworking executives for not commencing some of the task that are programmed by the association but we are looking forward to work closely to make some progress next year and the years to come

Again thank you and wish you all Merry Christmas and Happy and prosperous New Year 2020. 
God bless…!

Collated by MLSGA_Southern Region- Junior Tei Noki